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Hello. My name is Laramie. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 6 years old. A few months later I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, another autoimmune disease that kids with juvenile diabetes sometimes get.

I went to the doctor with a facial rash and fever. My mommy asked the nurse to do a urine test. About two hours later at home we got a call from the doctor that I probably had juvenile diabetes. I spent about five days in the hospital and became really good friends with the really nice nurses.


Right now, I get my blood tested at least ten times a day and I get at least five shots a day. I can't feel when my blood sugar is dropping, so my mommy put me on the Navigator, a continuous glucose monitor. It catches my lows, but It shows through my clothes, and it sort of hurts when she needs to insert it every four or five days and it always bleeds a little.


Sometimes for no explained reason, my blood sugar gets really high. I feel so tired, thirsty and hungry.


The doctor at the hospital said that I got a virus that broke my pancreas, that gave me this diabetes.


I'm in the Brownies, love to sing and want to cure diabetes one day! I love to act, love Nick Jonas and country music! I worked on the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and love to discuss politics! I love cats and dogs, and my mommy and I rescue them from pounds.


I hope everyone sees the wonderful work that Dr. Faustman is doing. My mom said that she actually CURED this disease in mice!


Please support Dr. Faustman any way you can, and please don't stare when you see a little kid like myself getting a shot or getting their finger poked in public.