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Hi, My name is Kaylee. I am 6.5 years old. I've had diabetes for almost 4 years.


I don't remember much from when I first got diabetes because I was only 2 years old.  My mom and dad say that I was drinking lots and lots. I would cry if I couldn't have a drink. I was potty trained but having lots and lots of accidents. I would wet my bed at night. My mom says I smelt like maple syrup. I was grumpy and crying a lot.


I wear an insulin pump, so I don't have to have lots of shots in one day. I also wear something called a continuous glucose monitor that 'talks' to my pump and shows what my blood sugar is on my pump screen. This helps my mom and dad know what my blood sugar is doing, I still have to have my finger poked many times a day, though.


I am in the first grade. I like school. I like my teachers and have lots of friends. I like dolls, especially, my American Girl Doll named Kailey. I love music and dance. I took ballet for two years and want to take it again. I really like the Jonas Brothers and hope to meet them one day.