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Hi!  My name is Joshua and I’m 7 years old. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on October 15, 2009. I got very sick and after being misdiagnosed with a flu virus for a week, I ended up in the hospital with DKA (diabetes ketoacidosis) and my body had started to shut down.   

I have to check my blood sugar 8-10 times a day which makes my fingers very sore. I take about 5 shots a day in different places on my body–even my tummy. Sometimes at night I’m running very low and my mom has to give me juice until I’m safe enough to go to sleep. My mom checks my blood sugar at night while I’m sleeping so I don’t go too low, but I don’t wake up.

When I got the stomach flu, I had to go back into the hospital, again. I don’t like having diabetes. I feel different than other kids and I don’t think it’s fair. I miss how my life was when I didn’t have diabetes and sometimes ask my mom to tell me stories about what it was like when I didn’t have diabetes because it’s getting hard to remember. Even though I am getting used to the shots, I still don’t like them and wish I didn’t have to do them anymore. 

I have an older brother and a baby sister.  I love to play soccer and really like Star Wars. I am in first grade and don’t like to miss school. I am very excited that a cure is coming soon; my mom and dad are very, very excited!  They worry about me a lot.

My grandma (Nana) helped me every day with my diabetes and went to every doctor appointment with me and my family. She died in a car accident January 15, 2010 and I miss her very much. Her memorial is going for Dr. Faustman’s cure, so my Nana is still helping me to get better and watching over me! When I’m cured, we are going to have a huge Star Wars party and say goodbye forever to all the finger pricks and shots and I’m going to eat without counting one carb!!!!