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This is our daughter Emily. She is a swimmer, a dancer, a tennis player, a musician and an excellent student. She also happens to have type 1 diabetes.

In April of 2008, just before her 8th birthday, we got the news that she had type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disorder that affects the production of insulin in the pancreas. The first 6 months after diagnosis was a huge transitional period for our family. Our life as we knew it was forever changed. We lost our carefree little girl to someone that had to become responsible and mature just to remain healthy.

Most girls Emily’s age are concerned with things like what color shoes they are going to wear or what the most popular show is on TV, but Emily has had to become concerned with things like how playing hard at recess will affect her blood sugar, measuring and weighing her food, dosing insulin and doing 10-12 finger sticks a day. Despite all the changes she has had to deal with she does a great job of handling it all and we are so proud of her. She has a great attitude most of the time, but often she says she just wants to be like her friends.

She is very blessed to be surrounded by people that are supportive and care about her. She has a wonderful big brother, Dustin, who she thinks hung the moon! She also has the best friend in the world, Elizabeth, that she thinks of as a sister.

Emily is very compassionate and has a deep love for animals of all kinds. She volunteers at our local animal shelter every week. Her dream is to become a professional trainer at Sea World working with whales and dolphins one day.

As her parents we have many dreams for our daughter’s future. At the top of that list is a cure for type 1 diabetes. We are very optimistic that Dr. Faustman’s research will lead to that cure and we ask for your help in making that dream come true. Please contribute to Dr. Faustman’s research today by making a donation. It will change Emily’s life, along with lots of other children living with this condition.

Kindest Regards,

Kelly & Melissa