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Hi, my name is Dana and I am 10 years old. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes on April 20, 2006. It’s been almost 4 years since then! I always do something special on April 20 with my parents to celebrate. They’re always proud of me for another year of hard work!

When we went to the hospital to see if I had diabetes, I was lucky. I was lucky because I didn’t have any major problems going on like most other kids. Actually, when they checked my glucose number, it was perfectly normal! It was around the low hundreds. We thought at first that there was nothing wrong with me! But then the doctors gave me some orange pop to see what would happen to my number. This was when it started to change. My number went higher, and it didn’t come back down. That’s when we knew there was something up.

After a while, everything wasn’t as bad as we probably thought it would be. I got used to the shots, and checking my numbers and everything was pretty easy. Now I can prick my fingers by myself and I do it every day at school before lunch, and sometimes I can give myself shots! We are thinking about getting the pump, and we also really want to get a continuous glucose monitor. I go to Children’s Hospital to get blood work done every few months there.

In school, I have lots of friends. I do activities inside of school, and outside of school. I play the flute, take dance class, I’m in Brownies, and I like soccer, gymnastics, tennis, hiking and adventuring, ice-skating, and swimming. My favorite color is purple. Sometimes, kids in my class think I am lucky to have diabetes because I can have snacks in school. I don’t actually like to eat in front of the class because sometimes, it’s kind of embarrassing.

Some people think you can’t do anything if you have diabetes, but I think I’m kind of lucky I didn’t get anything worse. All you have to do is take care of yourself and you can do everything everyone else can! Diabetes doesn’t stop me and I’m glad I can do anything I want!