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Hi, my name is Chase. I am 12 and in the sixth grade. I like hanging out with my friends. I like to play video games. And I love to play sports, especially basketball.


On May 5, 2008, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was on vacation in Florida. What was suppose to be a fun trip turned into 4 days in the pediatric ICU. Not very fun! However, I can still do all the things I love to do including playing basketball. It does take some extra work, though. I check my blood sugar anywhere from 8-12 times a day (sometimes more on game days). I have to know the amount of carbs in everything I eat and give myself insulin to cover it. I give myself insulin using an insulin pump which I have been using for a little over a year now. Its way better than the 4 or more shots a day I had to give myself before I was on a pump.


My mom gets up and checks my blood sugar in the middle of the night every night. Sometimes if I am having a low blood sugar, she will have to wake me up and give me something to eat or drink to raise it. I usually don’t even remember it. If my blood sugar is high she gives me some insulin through my pump to help lower it. When I go to bed, my mom always tells me “see you in the morning….and a few times in between.” I wish we could all just sleep through the night without blood sugar checks.


I really hope that one day soon me and all the other kids with type 1 diabetes won’t have to think about it anymore. No more blood sugar checks, no more carb counts, no more shots of insulin, or insulin pumps, and no more feeling bad because of highs or lows.


~ Chase


*Note from Chase’s parents -

Please take a few moments to read about Dr. Faustman’s research. We are encouraged and filled with hope that this may lead to what we are all praying for….A CURE!

Thank you,

Michelle & Randy