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Brendan loves technology of all sorts. He spends lots of time in front of his computer and he dreams of being an inventor someday. He also loves music and has a guitar, drum pad, keyboard and shares a soprano trombone with his dad.

Brendan is very gregarious. He loves to stay active and he especially enjoys playing basketball with his friends. Brendan hasn’t let type 1 diabetes slow him down. He has a great attitude and never feels sorry for himself for the changes diabetes has brought to his life.

Brendan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in March of 2008, a few weeks after his 8th birthday. He showed signs of diabetes for several months before his symptoms became so severe that we finally figured out that something was wrong. He was losing weight and became bony and thin, he was unable to keep up with other kids at recess and gym. He was emotional and moody and had trouble concentrating. At times he was extremely hungry and no matter how much he ate, he still felt like he was starving. That’s because he was literally starving, since his body could process very few of the carbohydrates he ate and was robbing his muscles and fat for energy.

Once Brendan was diagnosed with diabetes, insulin treatment helped him to feel much better almost immediately. He regained his strength and stamina and the weight he’d lost. For the first year and a half after his diagnosis, he had five or more shots of insulin every day and he had to poke his fingers multiple times each day to check his blood sugar. Last year, Brendan got a continuous glucose monitor that measures his blood sugar every minute. It’s a wireless device with a sensor inserted just under his skin with an attached transmitter that communicates to a small receiver by bluetooth. Last summer, he got an insulin pump that is also wireless and tubeless. Brendan feels like a cyborg, but he loves the new technology and how much it’s improved his life.

Brendan is very excited about Dr. Faustman’s research and he believes that it will lead to a cure for him and other people who have type 1 diabetes. Please donate to Dr. Faustman’s research for Brendan and the millions of other people who suffer from type 1 diabetes. With your help, we can cure type 1 diabetes.

Rob & Rella