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At 16 months old, Adin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He will never outgrow it and it will never go away. Type 1 diabetes can not be prevented.


Insulin does not work like a vitamin. We can't simply inject Adin and forget about it. He must endure daily multiple insulin injections, as well as have his fingers jabbed countless times to monitor his blood glucose. We have to be vigilant and thoughtful throughout the day and night. We set the alarm and wake up during the night to check his blood glucose, sometimes providing carbohydrates or insulin as needed. During the day, it is a balancing act between food, activity and insulin. It isn't a simple disease. Insulin is his life support for now while waiting for a cure.


Adin is now 4 years old. He does not remember life before injections, blood glucose checks or the lows and highs of diabetes. He goes about his life while researchers work to cure type 1 diabetes. As his parents, we believe that a cure is in his future. Please help us support Dr Faustman's research and hopefully one day Adin can say "I used to have Type 1 diabetes."

Brian & Shelley