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I'm Addison and I have "one Diabetes." I was 3 and a half when my Mommy took me and my baby sister to Texas to visit my cousin for the 4th of July. My Daddy was in the desert finding bad guys like Jafar. I had to go potty lots of times on our way there. My Mom had been worried for a couple of months but my pediatrician kept telling her I was fine. She thought I was drinking a lot because I was going through a growth spurt or because summer was starting and it was hotter outside. But my Mommy didn't believe her so she kept looking on the internet for another reason why I might be drinking so much.

She finally read about ketone strips. Those are things you go potty on and if they turn colors, that's bad. Mine turned dark red really fast so Mommy took me to the hospital. Luckily I didn't have "DKA" but my blood sugar was 864 and I had "large" ketones. They poked me a lot and gave me lots of shots but I was so brave! I never even cried! And everybody told me I was "The Princess" on the floor and their favorite patient. :) Oh! And my Daddy got to come home!!

Now I have an insulin pump that's pink and a CGM that tells my Mommy and Daddy what my "number" is. I found out I have Celiac too so it's been a really weird year learning new things. But I'm still brave!! I love gymnastics and dance and playing with my baby sister and my dog Shiloh. I love coloring and reading and anything that has to do with princesses and I'm pretty sure you can only be a princess if you're wearing a dress but my Mommy doesn't believe me. I have lots and lots of best friends and they're all coming to my birthday party!

It doesn't matter that I have diabetes because I can still do whatever I want. And my Mommy and Daddy told me there will be a cure someday and that means I won't have diabetes anymore. I can't wait!!